(When Purchasing From Country Lane Decor)
All deposits are non-refundable
You can change your order at anytime before we start the building process, but it cannot be cancelled. Your deposit can be used as a store-credit to go towards another item
There are no returns on custom orders but can sometimes organize exchanges
Please note with the ever growing popularity of rustic furniture and the custom nature there is always a wait time. Wait lists can range anywhere from two months - eight months. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the wait time on the item you are interested in.
Our furniture is solidly constructed using Spruce, Fir and BC Cedar and built using traditional methods. Our pieces will not only suit all interiors, but it will give years and years of service.
A note about real wood -
We always ensure that the wood we use is of the highest quality but wood is a natural product. That means that as it acclimatises to its surroundings it can change. It can dry out and shrink a little. Any cracks in the wood may enlarge slightly. The furniture we make is designed so that these changes are minimised but they cannot be eliminated entirely, and after all, these changes are what gives furniture made from natural products their uniqueness. Over the first few weeks and months please take extra care with your new piece of furniture while the poly cures and the wood matures an settles into your environment. Though built for durability and longevity, any movement, knots, warping, swelling and discoloration are intrinsic characteristics of solid wood furniture. There are also diverse environmental issues that may effect your furniture. Light, temperature and humidity are all contributing factors to the health and well being of your furniture.
Since your piece of furniture is going to be around for a long time, don't be afraid to give it a simple reapplication of poly after years of wear. Give us a call to find the right finish to keep it looking fresh and new.
Definition of Rustic;
  1. of or living in the country, as distinguished from cities or towns; rural
  2. lacking refinement, elegance, polish, or sophistication. Charmingly simple or unsophisticated in a manner considered typical of country living. Simple, plain or artless. Rough, awkward, uncouth, or boorish.
  3. made of unfinished or roughly finished wood: rustic furniture.
  4. having a rough or textured appearance; rusticated. Used of masonry.
Each piece is made-to-order which means there will be a wait time to receive your furniture. No two pieces are the same.
CURBSIDE delivery fee of $100 (per load) within Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge & Langley 
CURBSIDE delivery fee of $150 (per load) for any city past Langley